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A great Dictionary and Thesaurus App by Dictionary.com. Find the Right Words at all Times. A great app add on for your Iphone or Ipad that is sure to be used by students, teachers and anyone that needs to search the meaning of word that they just do not know. Reminds of a story actually of how my friend enhances her vocabulary understanding on ME. I, completely left clueless as to what the word means and thinking maybe I should ask her or maybe not, do not have to anymore! With this app I can just go ahead and pretend to make a call or send a text but am actually looking up the words meaning.  So, word to the wise. Rather then ask or pretend to know what some vocabulary people are using, get this app and keep it on your phone.  Some of the cool features about this is the voice search and audio pronunciation. You can even be as snobby as my friend and have the  app teach you the “Word of day”! The cost is FREE. How can you go wrong there! No internet access required.

Dictionary and Thesaurus Features

  • English Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms
  • Offline access – no Internet connection needed for most content
  • Daily content, including Word of the Day & The Hot Word
  • Audio pronunciation
  • Example sentences
  • Word origin & history
  • Voice search (five free searches included)
  • Favorite words
  • Search history
  • Spelling suggestions
  • Popular & local trending searches
  • Shake your iPhone to receive a random, surprise word
  • Tip: To turn Word of the Day notifications on or off, go to Settings > Notifications > Dictionary > Alerts and toggle On or Off.

Cost: FREE

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Author: Kira666

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