Dictionary Flash Cards – Improve your Vocabulary anywhere

Dictionary Flash Cards – Improve your Vocabulary anywhere

Here is a great app designed to help you with increasing your knowledge of the American vocabulary with Flash Cards by Dictionary.com. This is a great and must have app for Students. For Students that are taking or looking to take the SAT,  PSAT, GRE, MCAT anytime soon or in the future this is the app for you. Allowing the user to choose from over 70,000 flashcards, there is always a new word to learn everyday. Starting early with this app is going to ensure a better score on this exams and of course increase your vocabulary. Designed for almost anyone and at any age, you can study based on grade level, standardized test or subject. One of the best and easy to use friendly apps to helps you excel in vocabulary. This app comes at no charge at all. It is totally free.

Teachers and parents! If your children are looking to increasing their vocabulary or looking to taking any standardized test now or in the future, this is a must have app for them to excel. For the price of nothing, you can not go wrong. check the reviews yourself on Apples site to get a better idea of how helpful this app is for not just students but anyone.

Dictionary Flash Cards  Description

Dictionary.com’s Mobile Flashcards for learning on the go! Study, learn and master words on your phone. Create and play fun, tailored study programs anywhere, anytime.

Dictionary Flash Cards  Features:

  • Create your own or choose from over 70,000 flashcard decks
  • Customize your study by grade level, standardized test, or subject
  • Select your study method – audio pronunciation or definition matching
  • Sync your online and mobile app progress
  • Study offline – without an internet connection

Cost: Free

Click Here to Download this App for Iphone Click Here to Download for Droid Phones


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