Create a Journal of your Adventures anywhere with Trip Journal

This is a must have app for all of you who frequently take trips or just go out for the day. The Trip Journal for the Droid is one of the coolest apps available. Honestly, who does not like to travel? Experience different States, Countries, cultures. The world is huge. Obviously, asides from experiencing all the wonders the world has to offer, we are creating memories. Now, rather then keep a diary/journal and pen handy all the time, Trip Journal can help you right on your phone and can easily document your travel experiences. Take pictures and video and attach them directly into your Trip Journal.

The buck does not stop there, this app also tracks your itinerary in real time with detailed stats like, distance, Stats, and places traveled. All recorded information is kept in real time and displayed in real time using Google Maps or Open Maps. View and edit at anytime. This application really has some much value that it is a great tool to have on your Droid period. One of the Best tools available to document your memories to share with friends, family and relive years later.

Share Your Journey with Friends and Family Anywhere, at Anytime

Photos can also be shared straight from the application through Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, and videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube. Photo and video comments that are linked with media are uploaded to your favorite sharing portals as well.

Use GPS tweeting to quickly inform your friends on your current position, which can be instantly viewed by everyone on Google Maps. As media sharing is also integrated with Twitter, it is now easy to inform people on your newest photo albums, uploaded while vacationing.

Trip Journal Features

  • Track your traveling route Record waypoints, photos and notes
  • Trip Statistics Google Maps Google Earth
  • Export including photos, videos and notes Picasa, Flickr, Facebook Export
  • Youtube integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Save/Restore to SD card
  • Edit Waypoints coordinates
  • Sent Google Earth files to phone contacts
  • Save application to SD card
  • Compass Unique design and UI effects
  • Facebook integration features: Invite your friends from Facebook to install the app and view your trips
  • Share trips including route map and photo comments with friends and family
  • See where your friends travelled Publish trips on your Facebook Wall
  • Import KML files and share them with the world
  • Search by trip, friend, or newest trips.

Cost: 3.99


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Author: Kira666

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