Convert your Phone to a Voice Recorder – Recordoid

Have you ever had trouble keeping up with what your professor is saying, such as when he/she is reviewing notes or giving you tips on the next exam. Or have you felt too embarrassed to ask to repeat what your professor recently said, feeling that your holding your classmates and the professor back, well this Droid app is the solution for your problem. This app will turn your droid phone to a voice recorder, thus enabling u to keep accurate notes and receiving A’s on exams. not only can you record with this app but you can also send your voice records to other classmates via any e-mail program you are using like gmail, yahoo, msn, etc. Definitely worth the 1.99 for capturing all those important class lectures and key notes.

Recordoid Features

  • You can easily manage all recordings
  • add notes
  • send via e-mail
  • save and view recording location on the map
  • send recording note as SMS
  • assign recording as ringtone



Author: Kira666

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