Connect with your School App with Infinite Campus Mobile Portal

Connect with your School App with Infinite Campus Mobile Portal

For Students and Parents looking for an easy way to stay connected with your school outside the school comes Infinite Campus Mobile Portal. Designed for both Apple Iphone/Ipad and Android Phones; this app is an easy solution to stay connected to your school allowing access data anytime, anywhere on your mobile device as soon as it is available. Simple and easy to use, Students and Parents can have the ease of accessing information regarding grades, attendance, assignments, schedules and even food service.

Designed primarily for Parents first and students second, the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal is a great way of being informed about your child’s progress in their School. For Students, they have access to the same information as well as being able to communicate with Teachers regarding assignments, test scores, etc. A great app for Parents and Students alike looking to stay connected to their School after School. Please note that your school must be a participating member with  Infinite Campus Mobile to be able to use the service.

Connect with your School App Description

Access your (or your child’s) schedule, grades, assignments and attendance data using the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal! This universal app gives students and parents the same instant access to their data using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Simple Navigation

Our mobile app is easy to use. The home screen gets you where you want to go with a single touch. Need to see your assignments to plan your week? Want to check the schedule or get a notice when a grade is posted? It’s all in the palm of your hand.

One Touch. Tons of Info.

This intuitive app allows parents and students to access the following data:

Daily Planner

View today’s schedule and assignments due for each class.

Class Assignments

Browse your assignments by specific class or due date.

School Attendance

Review attendance events in summary and detail form.

School Grades

Know your grades now. Forget about end-of-term report cards to know how you’re doing.

School Schedule

Check your schedule from anywhere, at any time.

Food Service

Check your account balance. Available in districts using Campus Food Service.

Connect with Your School

If your school is using Infinite Campus District Edition and has opened the Campus Portal, you are able to use the app. The school’s portal preferences are obeyed regarding what information is shared with users.


Subscribe to school notifications to alert you to grade, assignment and attendance changes. For example, if your student is marked absent by the teacher, you will receive a notification alerting you to the attendance event.

Keep in Touch

Access teachers’ emails and improve communication. Stay on top of schoolwork with instant access to important daily activities.

Connect with your School App Requirements

In order to view information on the Mobile Portal app, the following is required:

  • You must have a supported iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or Android device.
  • You must have an active Campus Portal account.
  • Your school district must use Infinite Campus as their student information system.
  • The school district must be on a version that supports the Mobile Portal app. If the district is not on a supported version, the App Store icons will not appear when logged-in to the Campus Portal.

How to access the Mobile Portal app:

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal from a Web browser.
  2. Select the App Stores image (located under the Process Inbox). A new browser page displays listing three steps for how to connect your device to the Campus Portal. Note this ID number.
  3. Download the app. When the app opens, the Settings option displays.
  4. Enter the six digit District ID number found in Step 2 in the District ID field.
  5. Enter your Campus Portal username and password.
  6. Press Go or Sign In. Data will begin to download.

In some instances, a district’s installation changes, which will require a new District ID. This will require clicking the App Store icons on the Campus Portal on the browser to obtain a new District ID.

If you cannot find the App Store image on the Campus Portal, your district is not on the necessary version to support Mobile Portal.

Parents with Multiple Children

To view information for multiple children, select the name of the student in the upper right corner a list of other possible children will display. Select the desired child from the list.

As a parent, if you have multiple accounts for your children, consider contacting your school district to request a parent account. If your children are enrolled in multiple school districts, you will have one parent account per school district.

Cost: Free

Click Here to Download for Apple Iphone/Ipad Click Here to Download for Droid Devices


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