Cloze – Keep track of the people and posts that matter

Cloze – Keep track of the people and posts that matter

Cloze is one of those rare apps that helps users stay connected to others that matter most. “Keep track of the people and posts that matter. Filter out the noise of everything else.” That is the motto on their site and the app does exactly just that. Cloze essentially organizes feeds by people that matter most and not whom you talk to most and last spoke to. The iPhone app collects tweets, emails, Facebook posts, and other bits of communication from your contacts and prioritizes them based on people who are most relevant to you. In other words, if my colleague tweets three times, posts on Facebook twice, and shares an article on LinkedIn all in a single day, I can see all that activity in one shot in Cloze. Great app to have to filter through the clutter of things or people not at the top of your list!

Cloze Description

Featured in Inc. (5 Best iPhone Apps of 2013), The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, ABC News, Forbes and PC Magazine.

Cloze is a free app that helps you keep track of the people and posts that matter.

Cloze learns who is important to you – it organizes your feeds by who matters most, not by who talked last – so you can step away and return to a friendlier place with the important stuff safely tucked away, separate from the noise and clutter of everything else. We make social human again.

Cloze brings together all of your relationships from social and email into a people-centered view. It keeps track of every contact, email, tweet, post, and job change so you never miss a reason to connect and build stronger relationships.

You can also join your team on Cloze to share and discuss what you each discover on social. Cloze helps you curate relevant content that the rest of your team will want to share with their followers and friends.


  • – New! Schedule shares and retweets to be posted later
  • – Privately share social media you discover with your team
  • – Privately discuss social media as a team
  • – Import Twitter and Facebook lists
  • – Share Cloze Lists with just your team
  • – Email open notifications
  • – Email link click notifications
  • – Custom email signature
  • – Life Event tracking 
  • – Social Mention tracking
  • – Single swipe gestures for fast triage and sharing
  • – One inbox for email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • – Automatic noise filtering – just the people you want to hear from
  • – One place to respond, like, comment, retweet and share
  • – Bookmark any message so you don’t forget to follow-up later
  • – Keeps your list of key people always up-to-date without any work
  • – Surfaces messages about your key people that you wouldn’t normally see
  • – Store all your contacts from email and social in one place
  • – Add people you want to track with custom lists
  • – Store notes about each of your contacts 
  • – Automatically keep contacts up-to-date


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Gmail and Contacts
  • Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and OWA
  • Yahoo! Mail, iCloud, AOL, IMAP


  • – We won’t spam your email or social networks.
  • – We won’t share or sell your information. It’s for your eyes only.
  • – We’ll be open and transparent as to how we will use your information within Cloze.

Cloze is Secure

Cloze provides multiple layers of security around your information, from access protected data centers, through network and application level security. We use oAuth when we can. Sensitive information, such as your email, messages and passwords, is always encrypted.

Cloze is Private

You are the only one who can see your information within Cloze. Our employees can’t see it – it’s encrypted even to us. We will never share your email or social information with anyone. You can cancel Cloze at any time and we’ll permanently delete all of your information.

The Cloze app and service is free. Sign up for your free account within the app.


Click Here to Download for Apple Devices! Click Here to Download for Droid Devices!



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