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CPF (City Parks Foundation) is the only nonprofit organization to create programs in parks throughout all five boroughs of New York City. We enrich and connect New Yorkers through free and accessible arts, sports, education and community-building initiatives. We connect teachers, students and families through hands-on classroom, after school and teacher-training programs in parks, schools and Recreation Centers across New York City. Annually, our programs reach 7,500 students and community members and 600 teachers.

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City Parks Foundation

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SummerStage, a program of City Parks Foundation, presents performances of outstanding artistic quality, free of charge, to serve the diverse communities of New York City.

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School Group Field Trips and Programs

We connect teachers, students and families through hands-on classroom, after school and teacher-training programs in parks, schools and Recreation Centers across New York City. Annually, our programs reach 7,500 students and community members and 600 teachers.

School and Student Programs

Green Girls!

Green Girls is an innovative program that encourages girls to excel in the sciences and realize their potential to create change within the natural environment and their own lives.

The three-week Green Girls Summer Institute, going into its sixth summer, serves 30 girls from the four Young Women’s Leadership Schools in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with hands-on activities and trips to parks and natural areas, wildlife refuges, and cultural institutions. Green Girls provides middle-school girls with intensive summer experiences that enrich their understanding of science and environmental justice issues, familiarize them with New York City’s vast natural and institutional resources, and promote leadership and life skills. Ultimately, the Green Girls Summer Institute helps girls explore their own vast potential and the extensive career possibilities available in the sciences.

These carefully-selected and sequenced activities address a variety of science subject matter, including environmental education, ecology, biology, geology, zoology, and botany. Sessions encompass an array of environmental and environmental justice issues that focus on community problems and the need for green spaces, water conservation, air quality and the natural world.

Coastal Classroom (4th Grade and up)

Discovering the Secrets of Our Aquatic Ecosystem! Coastal Classroom – offers workshops in parks along the waterfront, focused on coastal ecology, aquatic habitats, water quality, and urban waterfront restoration and preservation.

Hands-on activities in our parks are among the very best opportunities to learn about ecology and the environment. Few places in the city provide better resources for active learning about our natural world and the issues we face in preserving it than our parks.

Coastal Classroom provides young people (4th grade and up) and community members of all ages opportunities to “get their feet wet” in some of New York’s coastal hot spots. Situated within the Long Island Sound watershed, participants delve into New York City’s waterfront and explore the world beneath the waves through exciting, meaningful programming. See the present state of our water resources and get a glimpse into the challenges of future preservation efforts.

Seed to Trees (1st Grade to 4th Grade)

Since 1992, Seeds to Trees: A Field Based Environmental Education Program for Public Schools has introduced NYC children to science and nature in the urban environment through classroom activities and unparalleled field experiences. Seeds to Trees reinforces core academic skills while continually experimenting with new models and strategies.

Seeds to Trees Early Childhood Program: City Parks Education’s interdisciplinary nature and science pilot is specifically designed for children who are 3-4 years old. This program emphasizes science observation, sensory awareness, creative expression, literacy and analytical skills development. In a series of 3-5 sessions, plant and animal themes are introduced via songs, stories, movement and craft projects.

Seeds to Trees for Elementary Schools (1st-4th Grades): Seeds to Trees offers an inquiry-based, dynamic program in the span of four months—either in the fall or in the spring. The program includes lessons on topics relating to the natural environment and environmental stewardship, such as learning about the forest ecosystem and the effects of pollution on the health of a forest and the water supply, among other topics.

Learning Gardens

Learning Gardens brings garden-based learning to NYC schoolchildren and community members. UsingNYC Parks gardens, we present engaging interdisciplinary lessons in core subjects. Students in grades pre-K – 8 and their teachers receive learning materials, curricula, and tools to enhance their use of the gardens.

The environmental education idea is simple: build a communal garden, combine it with a series of wonderful lessons, and then invite community members—schools, senior and day care centers, families, and organizations—to work on their gardens and cultivate valuable benefits.

We serve over 2,850 community members, children, and teachers through school, out-of-school and summer programs. The program is open to groups that are within close proximity to (e.g. close walking distance) the gardens. All scheduled classes, workshops, and events take place in local parks: at Grove Hill Community Playground in the Bronx, the Umoja Community Garden in Brooklyn, in Liberty Park in Jamaica, Queens.

Youth Made Media

Youth Made Media (YM2) is a multimedia/technology after school program offering video production training, media literacy, new media, academic support and life skills training. Launched in 2004 out of the Red Hook Recreation Center in Brooklyn, Youth Made Media expanded in 2009 to operate in all five boroughs.

 During the school year, the program is open from 2 to 8 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; in the summer, we conduct an Intensive Summer Institute, four days per week, to train youth in all aspects of production.

Through multifaceted activities, these programs help kids discover their unique talents and aptitudes, while mastering valuable technology skills and exploring careers and workplaces. Participants gain experience in using a broad range of standard and specialized industry software for video and sound editing. These programs provide a safe space where teens can share with one another, develop leadership skills, forge a group identity, and serve their community.

Professional Development

Reaching more than 6,000 students citywide each year, CityParks Education programs meet mandated standards, model inquiry-based learning, and demonstrate a commitment to promoting conservation of our city’s natural areas through environmental education.

City Parks Education Helps Educators Green Their Lessons

Greening Your Lessons is a professional development program for educators. Participants receive extensive materials, practice important field methods (in local parks or at their educational site), and learn how to implement hands-on activities for different subject areas. CityParks Education designs and tailors workshops for public school faculty that integrate indoor and outdoor experiences to capture students’ attention.

CityParks Education customizes workshops for different group needs, addresses diverse learning modalities, and creatively integrates the local community in the learning process.

Our range of inquiry-based urban ecology and site-specific workshops includes, but is not limited to teaching about the unique characteristics of the following local ecosystems:

  • Garden Ecology. At one of several garden sites, CityParks educators demystify and simplify the elements of teaching using plant-based techniques in a garden setting. Educators have the opportunity to explore the garden landscape, learn myriad lessons focused on core skills, and prepare simple lessons that can form part of an exciting curriculum.
  • Coastal Ecology. Through an exploration of local estuaries, beaches, and waterfront areas, educators gain experience using simple tools and teaching about the fascinating aquatic habitats that surround us.
  • Forest Ecology. With over 5,000 acres of woodlands, local forests can be an exciting focal or jumping off point for year-long studies in the environment. CityParks Education will help educators explore the local forests, model exciting lessons, and provide concrete tools that have proven success with students of all ages and learning styles.

For more information about the program, please contact CityParks Education at (212) 360-3327 or by email.

Family Programs

City Parks Foundation’s Arts programs offer over 1,200 performances a year—more than any other arts organization in New York City—in music, dance and theater (called “SummerStage”) and kids performances through SummerStage Kids, the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre and the CityParksPuppetMobile.


City Parks Foundation’s Arts programs offer over 1,200 performances a year—more than any other arts organization in New York City—in music, dance and theater (called “SummerStage”) and kids performances through SummerStage Kids, the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre and the CityParksPuppetMobile.


Bringing enjoyment to legions of people through its contemporary and innovative marionette productions based on children’s classics.


One of the oldest marionette companies in the country presents free performances and puppet-making workshops in neighborhood parks, recreation centers and schools.

CPF provides FREE sports instruction to over 13,000 kids and 1,000 seniors annually, at over 60 parks citywide. Whether its tennis, golf, track & field or fitness – the name of the game here is FUN for all ability levels!


These lessons make the sport freely available to those who want to learn the game in a fun, relaxed environment.


Fun and easy for kids ages 6 to 17, these free lessons make the sport accessible to kids of all skill levels.


This state-of-the-art par 3 facility offers free golf instruction to New York City children between the ages of 7-17.


Learn the basics of the sport, from hurdles and relay races to long jump, shot put and javelin throw.


These fun-filled fitness programs help keep young kids active, and help to develop positive, life-long attitudes toward healthy exercise and nutrition.


Join New Yorkers ages 60 and over, for free tennis lessons, yoga instruction, and fitness walking in parks across the country.

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    I really appreciate and I am thankful for what they have
    done for my community in Brooklyn. The work they have done has had a great positive
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    their livelihood and futures that they may not have otherwise have.