Calendar 5 – Smart Calendar and Task Manager in One

Calendar 5 – Smart Calendar and Task Manager in One

Time management is key to being productive and getting the most done within a  day. Technology has been an ever continuing solution and one of the best ways to achieve goals in a day is through a good Calendar. I can tell you personally, Apple’s default “things to list” or “Calendar” is really sub par compared to 3rd party companies and Calendar 5 is a great utility to manage everything going on in your life day to day. This app is a great utility add on to Iphones or Ipads and can easiliy replace the 2 default apps with just Calendar 5. Typing things like “Dinner with family at so and so restaurant” are possible and it uses natural language to create the calendar appointment. It syncs with Google calendar and is much faster than any other calendar service we have used before. Definitely consider a look into. 

Calender 5 Description

Calendar 5 is complete re-imagining of what the best mobile calendar experience should be.

Calendar 5 is smart, excels in both tasks and events and runs on any iOS device you might have. It’s the calendar app you have been looking for.

Three things you’ll love about Calendar 5:

  • Natural Language Input: Just enter “Meet John at Starbucks on Sunday” and Calendar 5 will create the event for you.
  • Task Manager: Easy to use task manager that has everything you need to organize, track and complete your to-dos.
  • First-class iPad calendar: The first smart calendar for the iPad. Its large screen is great for managing your daily schedule and enables richer interaction with your calendar.

What makes Calendar 5 great in use:

  • Interface focused on events: Elegant and easy to use interface makes it super simple to get a quick overview of the upcoming events and tasks. You always keep your focus on what’s important; there is nothing to distract you.
  • Day, Week, Month and List views of your events: Calendar 5 illustrates your Day, Week and Month on a small iPhone screen the best possible way. Depending on the situation, select the view that conveniently unveils your schedule.
  • Works online and offline: Create, edit and delete events or tasks whenever you need it. All changes will be synced back to your account once you are online.
  • All the features you love: Create custom recurring events (yoga every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday), get SMS reminders or set custom alerts, invite people to your events and more.
  • Act as you feel it: Intuitively create events with just one tap in your calendar. Drag and Drop tasks and events, swipe to switch between days and weeks, return to your ‘Today’ schedule with one tap.
  • Your tasks and events are always at hand: All your tasks and events are synced seamlessly in the background between iPhone and iPad. Whenever you need your schedule, it’s on tap.

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