Calculate your GPA on your Droid

Here is my question… is there anything that the Android can not do? Here is a lovely app for all those Students curious about what their GPA is like. The GPA Calculator app for the Android does just that. Calculates your GPA. Now, your probably wondering, “hey, why do I need an app for that? I can calculate my GPA on my own or let my school do it for me?” A very good question with some valid points. I guess the app is for the very curious student who does not want to wait for grades to be posted and has inside information with their Teacher/Professor or a student who believes that the School system has made a mistake and wants to talk to the Dean and needs  an app to do the calculation. I really do not know. Its FREE! I say why not?  Besides, it the perfect tool if math is not your thing. Seriously, always double check calculations. You just never know. It is also configurable for any School grade weight system.

Cost: FREE

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Author: Kira666

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