Binoculars – Easy Super Zoom your Iphone Camera

Binoculars – Easy Super Zoom your Iphone Camera

Here is a great little app that will turn your Iphone or Ipad into a great pair of Binoculars ready to use anytime, anywhere. With the capability of a 30X zoom you can zoom and get a close of anything from where ever your are. However, zooming into the 30x zoom with the Binocular app does offer the images to become distorted, however, at a lower zoom the Binoculars work perfectly and offers a picture that is crisp and can be captured for storage! This is a great app to have for students during class especially in a large lecture hall. If you are going on vacation and want to capture some amazing close of pictures of anything, the Binoculars app can do wonders to assist. The Binoculars app is currently going for .99. Get it while the price is still low!

Binoculars – Easy Super Zoom your Iphone Camera Description


$2.99 >>>>> $0.99


Why carry binoculars when you can use your iDevice for that?

Now you can easily super-zoom (30x) using your iDevice. Just reverse-pinch/pinch to zoom in or out and easily take a great photo of the zoomed picture with the Binoculars App.

This is the best binoculars you’ll ever use, See screenshots and try it out!

IMPORTANT: In order to zoom-in you must use a reverse pinch motion (spreading two fingers apart while touching the screen – Like any regular zoom on the iPhone). For some reason we got feedback from some users claiming that the app doesn’t work but apparently the user didn’t use the needed reverse pinch motion.


Featured as Top 25 in more than 200 app stores worldwide!

Top 50 utility app in the US!

Launch special price: 0.99$, Get it now before it goes up.

“Binoculars – Easily super-zoom your camera definitely ranks in the top five best special and cute utilities iOS app, which will provide you attractive photos.”-

Customer reviews:

★★★★★ “Terrific app ESP for elderly like me!

Had stroke so left eye damaged and this app restores sight.”

★★★★★ “Great app!

Works great! Worth the dollar!”


Binoculars App Features:

☑ Easily zoom from 1x to 30x using pinch

☑ Works fully on every iDevice camera: Use it as binoculars or as a zoom-mirror

☑ easily take a photo of the zoomed picture

☑ Slick and easy to use design, See screenshots.

IMPORTANT: This app use digital zoom to enhance the camera ability, We use the best known algorithms to get the ultimate results but using it to full zoom (30x) or near that could result in a bit blur image (as shown on screenshots). If you need a sharp image you can always use smaller zoom.

There is no other app that gives this ability, Please don’t leave a bad review because of that.
Moreover, Please see screenshots before buying the app to understand.

If you have any issues with this Binoculars app please contact us from the app store link. That’s the only way we can contact you to solve it out. Leaving an issue as a review doesn’t help us solve it. We promise to get back to you ASAP.

iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3

COST: .99

Click Here to Purchase Iphone/Ipod


Author: Stuspots

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  • gary

    who neeeds a binocualr or camera when you got this app, its really cool, it can zoom up 30x, really impressive and take pictures !! i used this app for my vacation in italy and wowow… its better than those flimsy digital cameras