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Classroom Resources

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High School Excellence!

  • Improve your reading, writing and math skills
  • Fun, efficient multi-sensory learning
  • Learn core knowledge, not just tricks and techniques
  • Just 20 minutes study a day, twice a week!

Since 1993 WordSmart has helped thousands of people increase their English vocabulary, improve their reading and writing skills, and score better on standardized tests.

Vocabulary is Essential for Success


It’s no secret that teachers, college professors, and employers want someone who is capable of explaining their ideas in a linear, concise, and confident manner. But these are the skills most lacking in students entering college and the work force! At WordSmart, we have the tools needed to change the rest of your life.WordSmart is the multi-sensory approach to learning not only vocabulary but also the word history, etymology, and the most common misuses that confuse so many and cause them to use words incorrectly. WordSmart doesn’t teach you how to take a test, as our competitors attempt to do. WordSmart teaches you what’s on the test—any test—at any level.

After just 20 hours with the WordSmart vocabulary-building program, you will have internalized so much knowledge of the English language that you will be able to identify the meaning of any word you come across on your college prep tests and beyond.

WordSmart has already helped thousands increase their English vocabulary dramatically. How do we know? Because they kept the software and continued to order more! You will too. We guarantee it.

High School Excellence Includes:

  • 4 Vocabulary-increasind CD-ROMs
  • Each CD-ROM has 5,000+ pronounced words, 1,400 defined words, and 200 core words essential for mastery of the English language.
  • WordSmart Challenge CD-ROM
  • A challenging interactive test to rate your vocabulary prowess as you acquire hundreds of new words.
  • Progressive Reader
  • Award-winning Speed Reading exercises to make you read faster while understanding more.



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7677 Oakport St, Oakland, CA 94621, United States


“Never miss another word again”

Take the stress out of tests and meetings with an Echo Smartpen from Livescribe. Record everything you hear, say and write, while linking your audio recordings to your notes. Quickly replay audio from your Livescribe paper, a computer, or a mobile device–all with a simple tap on your handwritten notes. It’s never been easier to take notes and stay organized.

Record and Play Back

Smartpens record everything you write and hear so you’ll never miss a word. Replay your meetings or lectures simply by tapping on your notes.

Save, Search and Organize

Livescribe Desktop saves your notes and recordings to your computer for fast, easy access to what’s important. Search for words within your notes and find what you need fast.

Send and Share with Livescribe Connect

Easily send notes and audio to people and destinations such as Email, Google Docs, Facebook, Microsoft OneNote, Google Sites, MyLivescribe, your mobile device or your computer–all from your paper or Livescribe Desktop.

LiveScribe can be purchased on their website  or at any of these fine locations that can be found here.

Please Note that IPhone, IPad or Itouch is required for use of this product!

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