Battery Doctor Pro – Extended Battery for Iphone App

Battery Doctor Pro – Extended Battery App for Iphone

How many times has anyone been in a situation where you are using your phone and guess what happens…your phone battery is dying or died. Probably the most necessary app to have for Iphone and Ipad users is the Battery Doctor Pro. A great App that actually increases your Battery life on your Iphone or Ipad. Comes with tons of features to make your Phone Battery last. It is the best resource out there considering Apple does not sell extended batteries or any battery modifications for their phones all. The price of ,99 makes this app affordable for everyone. Must have app!

Description: Battery Life Pro


DOWNLOAD Battery Doctor Pro right now!

It can help Max and Extend your battery life!

  • ► Full-featured profesional Battery App
  • ► The only App supports Full Cycle Charge
  • ► The most accurate battery app (1% increments)
  • ► Designed for both iPhone and iPad. Download one, you get two.
  • ► The only app can max and extend your battery life

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#1 Top Paid Utility App across 30+ countries!!!

Over 3,000,000 downloads since 2010!!!

More than 155,000 Rating & Reviews with 4 and 5 Stars!!!

Featured on Macworld, ZDNet, YouTube, PCworld, Appadvice, Appolicious, and more than we can count!

Did you get trouble of iPhone/iPod/iPad batteries? Are you looking for the full-featured battery app and help you to solve them? Do you need an app that can help you max and extend your battery life?

Battery Doctor Pro is just the product that you are looking for. It provides more information of your battery. It is very easy to complete a Full Cycle Charge with this app.

Key Features

KEY FEATURES of Battery Life Pro

►Battery Status◄

Each day, this program will display the remaining usage time (correct to the minute) based upon your specific device and available battery capacity. Our battery data are more accurate than other apps with 1% battery level increments. More than 20 items are available.

►Full Cycle Charge◄

Let your battery RUN DOWN to at least 20%, then LAUNCH Battery Doctor app from home screen. and PLUG in the charger cable, Battery Doctor will do the rest for you.

►3 Steps Charging◄

We make accurate charging progress so easy with 3 Steps Charging technology. For charging in a better way, it will fast charge to 100% first, and then to fully charged, finally we can do trickle charge for longer battery life.

►Process Monitor◄

This app can monitor all processes which running at background, and tell you how long has it been running and who are draining your battery power. Check “How-to” tips is also included.

►Battery Percentage◄

For all iPod users, you can have battery percentage showing at top right status bar now.

►Build theme with any photo◄

You can make your own theme with any photo, such as a photo of your family, friends, pet, cat, team LOGO, company LOGO or art photo, etc. If these photos are in your album, you can easily import, zoom and place them through the program, and create very beautiful battery icon theme. (Theme only available at App inside)

►Charge Log◄

The log can track your device’s charge time, type and remaining battery capacity.

►Battery Tips◄

A lot of information on the proper use of your battery is provided here. Adjusting your system settings followed by those Tips, and having a Full Cycle Charge, your battery life will be longer then before.

►Battery Health◄

The iPhone battery is properly maintained, after 400 charge-discharge cycles, 80% of the original battery recharge capacity can be retained.

-==★ ★ ★ ★ ★==-

CERTIFIED DEVICE: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod 2, iPod 3, iPod 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2
SUPPORT iOS: 4.0 or above, include new iOS 5.0

Cost: $.99

Download this App here

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  • JustAlisia

    omg got it and for the first time my phone last more than 24 hours on just one charge crazy

  • littleladykateygoboom

    OMG, : ) Itried and I like seriously did NoT have to charge my phone for 2 WHOLE DAYS crazy amazing

  • BonBooBoo

    Yesterday was amazing ! ! ! * I won the amazon gift card and then found this app. I still don’t need to charge my phone….

  • sean391

    Saves me a lot