APA Style 101 Paper Writing Made Easy Through Video Tutorial

For those of you whom need help writing an APA style paper. The APA Style 101 App is your cure! Developed by a university professor and published researcher by how much people struggle with writing an APA style paper, the app APA Style was born. This app is designed to teach you the foundations and fundamentals of the  Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition (the most recent edition). A great Student to have especially for all those English and writing courses. Note that the app is not designed to format your paper for you but give you a tutorial on how to write an APA Style paper through Video and audio. Learn to avoid the most commonly made mistakes by Students in writing an APA paper. This a watch and learn App. Worth .99 to get some great pointers!

APA Style 101 Features

You will Learn:

  • Introduction
  • Margins
  • Headers
  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Heading Levels
  • Paraphrases
  • Quotes
  • Multiple Authors
  • Summary of Paper
  • Book References
  • Journal References
  • Summary & Concluding
  • Thoughts Bonus Section: Grammar, Flow, and Organization.

To help you avoid the most common mistakes made when writing a formal paper, APA Style 101 also includes a bonus section with close to 20 minutes of video covering the following: Commas (Yes, people actually misuse commas!)

  • Semi-colons Noun/Pronoun
  • Agreement Flow
  • Abbreviations
  • Parallel Construction
  • Organization

Cost .99


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