Angry Birds – Time For Fun Get Your Game On

All work and no play can make a person extremely dull and boring. Of course everyone needs some time to relax and blow some steam. Find no better way of doing that then playing Angry Birds. In this game you play a variety of Angry Birds each with a unique power against the Evil, Greedy Pigs. With their defenses high, you must pit each Angry bird strategically to overcome their defenses and conquer the pigs! The survival of the Angry Birds is in your hands and your destiny is to help them get back their eggs! Sound epic enough?

As an add on for the Iphone, get the Mighty Eagle. A one time purchase in app, the Mighty Eagle can be used unlimited times. This bad boy will soar from the skies and destroy the Pigs into oblivion. One catch…you can only use the Mighty Eagle once every hour. Also, includes extra game play and stages.

One of the hottest and most downloaded game on the Iphone and internet. Highly addictive. What are you waiting?! Get this game now!

Cost .99


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Author: Kira666

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