Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Here is a great App not just for anyone looking to increasing their knowledge of the English vocabulary but for Students preparing for the SAT’s. The Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus is great utility app with access to over 1.4 Million words. This is a great app for Students to have a study companion whether you are proceeding to take the SAT, GRE or MCAT examination. This app also comes with many different features that can be used to learn including games such as:

  • Word Scramble
  • Flash Cards
  • Word of the Day
  • Hangman
  • Anagrams

This is not only a great app to have as a learning tool but also to pass the time if you have time on your hands. So, save the space in your bag and download this App!

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus Description

The WordNet Dictionary and Thesaurus is a large lexical database of English with up to 140,000 entries and more than 1.4 million words, developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.

Instead of following the standard dictionary format, the WordNet dictionary is organized with an innovative and convenient approach. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms, interlinked by means of conceptual-semantic and lexical relations. In addition to the straightforward definition the dictionary shows how each word is linked to other words in terms of synonyms, opposites and similar words, but also hyponyms and hyperlinks within the group.

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus Features:

  • Straightforward and precise definitions of over 140,000 words with more than 250,000 links and 1.4 million words.
  • Synonyms, antonyms, similar and related words to help you make your writing and speech more interesting.
  • Hypernyms (more generic words), hyponyms (subordinate words) and meronyms (part names)
  • Examples illustrate how words are used and show typical constructions and collocations.

A search tool

Featuring various search options to help you find the words you need more easily, including:

  • A quick search of words while you type
  • A ‘fuzzy filter’ when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word
  • A ‘keyword’ search for finding key words within compound words
  • A wild card search facility which can replace a letter or a group of letters

A learning tool

The Advanced English and Thesaurus Dictionary app includes a number of features which help you to grow your vocabulary further:

  • A ‘Favourites’ feature allows you to create your own categories and lists of words from the extensive library, which includes all cross-curriculum words
  • Your last visited words are all saved in your ‘History’, so that you can quickly look back at recently checked words
  • Discover more about language with the special language notes and ‘Word of the day’ feature
  • Fun and engaging word games like ‘Hangman’, ‘Word scramble’ and ‘Anagrams’ give the opportunity to use newly learnt words

Cost: Free

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