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For those not familiar with ACT, here is a quick run down of what ACT is. Here goes: ACT is a standardized test like the SAT for High School Students for entry into college but more diverse. Unlike the SAT, ACT tests on other subject and includes, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading. Not as widely used as the SAT’s, ACT is still used for entry in some colleges. Unlike the SAT where Math. Writing and English are the focus only, Students taking the ACT can excel in other areas like Science and Social Studies if their weakness is in Math or Reading. Not very widely used but still used none the less.

The ACTStudents app helps Students manage and anticipate the ACT Test. Using multiple practice features, Students can attempt to answer questions to practice items and gain feedback from their attempts.  Students can also access the mobile ACT site where they can find straight forward answers to typical questions test takers have prior to or the day of the test event.


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Author: Kira666

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