A more fun way to use paper – Origami Instructions

This app is very unique because it can teaches you how to make cool looking origami out of paper such as cranes, birds, trees, and even the big red jolly man himself, Santa Claus. Not to mention a great way to pass the time or ease some tension, even make a hobby out of it. This app can be useful for making your project look fancy, impress a couple of your friends of what you can do with simple boring paper, or it can be added as decorations for Christmas, Halloween, thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and even July 4th. This app shows you how to use different methods of folding, it teaches you several unique techniques, and of course it teaches you how to make unique and different types of origami. And if that doesn’t convince you, than another added bonus is that this app is “free.” So try this app now and start impressing your friends.

Origami Instructions Features

 With this program you will learn

  • different methods at folding
  • several basic technique
  • simple and practical origami.

you can enjoy making:

  • Animals: seal, frog, foxes
  • Birds: crane, eagle, pigeon, duck, hummingbird, vulture
  • Insects: cicada
  • Flowers:tulip
  • Transport: steamship, boat, sailing ship
  • Some other interesting and handy things: envelope, two kinds of boxes, windmill, etc.


Cost: FREE


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Author: Kira666

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