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The only language app that teaches you over 50 languages. This is a great add on not just for students but for any one looking learning a new language. With over 50 languages to choose from how can you say no. Best part of this is that you can learn a new language anywhere straight from you Droid. Rather then carrying books on your next vacation, get the 50 Languages app on your Droid and start learning today or on your way there. Also makes a great study guide for Students in School. We all know that second language is required through college. Here is a little help accessed from your Droid. Currently, 50 languages offers100 lessons that provide you with basic vocabulary and the free app offers 30 lessons.  With no prior knowledge you can learn to speak short sentences in no time.

The 50language method combines audio and text for effective learning and also corresponds to Common European Framework levels A1 and A2 making it suitable for all types of Schools and Students. Teachers can use the audio files as a supplement to the language course for their students. Anyone looking to refresh their language skills from years ago, look no further then 50languages as an effective tool. Currently available in over 40 languages and over 1600 language combinations, anyone can find use for this app anywhere in the world.

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Author: Kira666

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